This site and it’s contents are maintained by volunteers from our group.  Each person is encouraged to share on this site what God is doing in their lives as business leaders.

Some background about our contributors is listed below.

Winston Churchill – ACME Technical Services
As Chief Executive Officer  of ACME Technical Services, Winston  knows the kind of impact that leaders can have in the lives of others.  After battling addiction and bankruptcy, Winston discovered God’s gift of salvation, God’s desire for a living relationship, and the purpose He had for Winston’s life.  Winston’s journey  in leadership, relationships, and marketplace success has instilled in him his passion to inspire others to live, lead, and relate according to the example that Jesus Christ lived for us while He was here on earth

Born and raised in the Philippines to missionary parents, Winston has been married to Virginia for 20 years and has two teenage children. He has a passion for people and enjoys spending time and connecting with those he works with.

Timothy Gosnell – ACME Technical Services
As a father of two teens and a small group leader, Timothy has learned to rely on the Lord’s strength on a daily basis. Coming from a history of depression and aimlessness he now seeks the Lord’s will and leading in his life. His passions for apologetics and teaching have created a unique way for him to share his faith with others. Always ready for a challenge, Timothy longs to live up to his name of “honoring God” in all that he endeavors for.


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