Fill up and anchor down

Early bird gets the worm! Rise and Shine! Up and at em!    These are all phrases I have heard in reference to rising early.  As I get older I have found myself rising earlier.  It does not however have anything to do with getting ahead.  It has to do with being full.  

My daily work involves leading 50+ people each day through various aspects of the business we engage in.  I truly do not know what to expect each day.  I have experienced the excitement of winning bids worth hundreds of thousands of dollars,  the crushing pressure when you lose bids.  The overwhelming emotions involved with firing and layoffs,  the joy of hiring someone new.  The purpose in walking with a co-worker through the dark paths of addiction and celebrating the path to recovery. Success with clients and failure with clients.   I will never forgot the absolute helplessness I felt when receiving the phone call that a team member had died on a job site.  Through all of these I have learned the value of being full and having an anchor.  

Being full – There are 2 activities I find that fill me up.  They are prayer and reading God’s word.  I rise early as I find that it is the most effective time for me to accomplish these 2 things.  The more time I spend each day starting with prayer and the Bible the fuller I start my day.  Being full keeps me from filling up with the pressures that come my way each day.  For many years I would roll out of bed, grab the coffee,  and head to work.  I was often an emotional and mental wreck by half way though the day.  Having been filled up by all the events occurring I couldn’t even think straight some days. I encourage you to take steps to ensure that you start your day full, you won’t regret it.

Anchor down – This goes hand in hand with being full.  Hebrews 6:19 says we have a sure and steadfast anchor of our soul.  That being our hope that is Jesus Christ and his intercession for us.  It is during prayer and reading of God’s word that we are reminded of and strengthen this anchor.  

As you enter this new week, be full and be anchored by the promises of God.



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