I will Fight!

A number of years ago I took a course where we were assigned the task of memorizing a script. There were 12 scripts randomly assigned. These scripts were taken from great historical speeches such as Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream”. It was really powerful to recite a truly passionate speech, but I strongly felt all the speeches and the exercise itself lacked the spiritual component which was really important to me. I’ve reflected on that experience many times, often paying attention to speeches and/or other people’s vision, wondering if there will ever be a script which really works for me.

Sometime ago I came across the video:



Other than scripture memorization, this has been the most significant script I have ever heard. Finally, a script that I could fully embrace as mine. I have literally watched this video almost daily, over and over, dozens and dozens of times. No doubt you likeIy noticed that much of the content is, in fact, scripture. I watch it with my kids. I watch it with my wife; Elenore has been so impacted by this speech she watched it over and over so she could type it out and has now memorized it.

I am drawn to this video firstly because I whole-heartedly believe it as truth. But also because of the passion and strength of the words; the idea of acknowledging how serious our time on this earth really is. We are here with a purpose and we have been commissioned by the one true God to carry out his will on earth, all for his glory. We are not here for our pleasure. Our life is not a game, it’s a battle, and the battle is to be taken seriously.


In life, I’m consistently striving for better, never settling for anything but instead striving to improve. This script embodies this mentality for the Christian life, in a much more direct and “in your face” way than we usually hear in the church.

I love that this script makes me question daily: Am I doing this? Do I really believe in this? Am I living like God has already won and the world means nothing to me apart from what God wills of me? These questions are not asked in a negative, self-defeating kind of way. Think of it more as a personal trainer for my faith- it’s my daily butt-kicking that keeps me on pace, in check, and consistently moving forward, which is what I strive for.


Last Men’s breakfast Winston talked about “boundaries”. We reflected and discussed the ideas of having parts of our lives where we place boundaries on God, or do not allow God to fully take control of all areas. The “I Will Fight” video above represents to me a willingness to try my hardest and do my best to truly press towards the goal, to fully surrender, and to fully commit to persevering. For me this video embodies the idea of “No Boundaries” in my life.

It has been a challenge and a blessing in my life. I continue to watch it and pass it on to almost everyone I know in hopes that it might impact someone else the way it has me.

– James

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