Stay on your knees and listen…


Stay on your knees, and listen.  I heard that story this morning about 3 young brothers that were raised by their mother to pray.  Each time they were finished praying, their mother would say, “Stay on your knees, and listen.”  She would then teach them Godly counsel as they knelt listening. 

As we kneel to pray do we also kneel to listen?  I confess that most of my time on my knees is spent speaking, not listening. The definition of hearing is the faculty of perceiving sounds, the definition of listening is to give ones attention to a sound.  I find it hard at times to listen. Listening is not the same as hearing, listening is an act of submission that is learned and must be actively practiced.  Just like most things, the more you practice it the better you get.  The more you listen, the less you find the need to speak, and the more you can say with fewer words.  

Tomorrow, instead of hearing lots of things,  try listening instead.



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