You are unique, but you are not alone

This week on Wednesday was our first meeting.  It was an excellent time of  encouragement and getting to know each other.  Our group comprised of a vast range of ages, diverse business acumen, and unique life experiences.  But most importantly, we found in each other a common desire to actively pursue living out our faith in the marketplaces God has put us in.

I left that meeting on Wednesday reminded of the strength in the diverse ways that we each influence those around us.  Often we may cast aside those that we call “different”.  Seeking only those that we can understand, abandoning diversity.  By casting those aside we end up creating a position of isolation, ultimately convincing ourselves that we are alone in our battles as we lead.   We need to embrace the diversity that we see in each other, reminding ourselves, we don’ need to see eye to eye to be able to walk arm in arm.