Having your bubble burst, its a good thing!

Every so often I find myself in need of a bubble burst. I have learned to enjoy them and realize that I need them.  Over a prolonged period of exposure to the same elements my bubble can become very insulating and very small.  In a small bubble small problems seem very big and there isn’t room for very many people. 

During the past 48 hours I have had my bubble burst yet again and am so thankful for that.  As I write this I am sitting in Rosarito Mexico.  My wife and I were invited to join a group of 3 other couples seeking God’s leading in how we might be used by God in joining His ongoing work in Rosarito.  We have met incredibly inspiring people,  living their lives in full pursuit of loving and engaging with the impoverished and oppressed.

I have been reminded of several things in my experience here.

  • Life can be fully lived in a very simple way
  • People need relationships, not things
  • To meet great needs, even greater commitment is required.
  • Money doesn’t solve problems, it just postpones them.

I hope to leave Rosarito in a few days with a fuller understanding of these points.  I will certainly leave with a greater love for the people here in Mexico.  My challenge to you today is to pursue bursting your bubble and expand your world.  Embrace the adventure that God draws you into.  


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