Boundaries are something we all have. Some people are very diligent in forming them and others let them form on their own. There are many different types of boundaries.

In this post I wanted to highlight unhealthy boundaries that we set to prevent God from speaking into certain areas of our lives.

Boundaries of Hurt – these boundaries are areas that we have been deeply hurt.   In our pain we erect walls and become the only person allowed into that area.  Often we believe God can not heal us of that pain, others can not understand our pain, and that we must live the rest of our lives with this pain.

Boundaries of Control – the fruit of our desire to retain control is a life that is lived outside the will of God.

Boundaries of Pleasure – enjoying pleasure is a God given desire.  But as all things given by God, it can only be correctly enjoyed when fully submitted to God.

These 3 areas of boundaries we erect are but a small part of a long list.  What areas do you struggle in submitting to God?  Are you actively seeking God to enter all areas of your life?  May we be exhorted this day to yield our boundaries,  submit our desires,  and obey God’s instructions in all areas of our lives.


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