Whats your perspective?


Have you ever sat at the end of a day and wondered what happened?  How it seemed to all go wrong?  Why did everyone seem to misread, misrepresent, and misinterpret most things you said and did?  I have had more than one of those days,  in fact I think I still have a lot of them.

As a leader my struggle in days like these is my desire to have positive reactions to my decisions and ideas.  When I make a decision or bring forth an idea and receive negative reactions,  I can immediately begin to second guess my decision or idea.   This reaction on my part usually leads  to my becoming defensive and reactionary to emotions in the situation.   Over the years I have battled to control my emotions, with mild success.  What has helped though,  is to learn to change my perspective.  After all, our emotional responses are so often rooted in our current perspectives.

More important to me above anything else is my relationship with God through faith in Him.  In my faith I also believe that God is the creator of and sustains all things. He cares about even those things we may seem to think of as beneath Him.  It is with this in mind that I actively seek to have God change my perspective to be in alignment with His. God’s son Jesus Christ said he was here to do His father’s will and nothing else,  Jesus also said we were to imitate Him,  therefore we are called to the purist of God’s will.  There are men far more skilled and qualified to write on God’s will so I will not enter into those waters,  but I will say that even in my small understanding I have come to realize that God’s will includes me and the events of my life.

The clutter of confusion falls away for me when God aligns my sight with His perspective of my daily situations and how His will is active in each of them.   I see opportunities instead of obstacles,  lessons instead of mistakes, freedom instead of bondage, possibilities instead of inevitability, people instead of problems, and purpose instead of pain.

Be challenged to examine your perspective!


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