Margins: Not just blank space


When I was younger I used to think that margins were a waste. Every waking minute was meant to be filled with activities to minimize boredom or “wasted time.” There was never a time when the TV wasn’t on or I wasn’t working. I liked to stay as busy as possible.

The older I get, the more I realize that those quiet moments – or pauses between scheduled activities – should be cherished. Sometimes I will deliberately create them and go off to a quiet corner of the house.

Within those margins I can meditate, read, and explore God’s leading in my life. I can reflect on past and present experiences. I can soak in some scripture or maybe some inspiring music. Even sitting in complete silence, allowing my mind to “shut down” or wander can be very therapeutic.

It is in these margins where I find I can grow as a person. It’s hard to stop and analyze myself when I’m in the thick of it but to really explore my motives and decisions when the pressure is off, has been quite beneficial to me and my personal growth.

I challenge us to take advantage of every opportunity for margins, as they are sometimes few and far between. They are investments in ourselves and our well-being.


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